Friday, June 13, 2008

I hate slugs.

Really and truly. They're just so gross - they leave slime trails for goodness' sakes! *shiver*

My home seems to be slug central. Seriously, I think that there must be an entire slug city living under my deck or something because every time it gets the least bit damp, they are all over my deck. They also congregate on my front door, storm door and the exterior wall around the doors. Last summer I took pictures of a pair who were about 6" long. Yes, slugs that were SIX INCHES LONG. ON MY HOUSE. I've sprinkled salt on the floor near the door to keep them from coming in, but they still sometimes ride the door into the house when it gets opened. Squick.

So anyway, I am an insomniac. More often than not I end up crashing on the couch so as not to disturb the Hubz and Things One and Two (who won't sleep without their dad). My couch is leather, so a lovely smooth surface. Tonight I came in late, after going to my weekly knitting group and stopping by Target afterwards. There were slugs all over the door when I came home, and apparently one hitched a ride inside without my noticing. That was hours ago.

Just now I was about to go to sleep. Normally I'd get up from whatever I'm doing, grab a blanket and pillow, turn off the lights and flop down on the couch. All without looking at the couch. Thank goodness I didn't do that tonight, or else I'd have been in for a rude, squishy surprise. I just happened to look at the couch as I was about to turn out the light and saw the slug crawling down the back of it towards the seat - where my blanket and pillow were lying. GAH!

I carefully scooped him off the couch with a piece of paper and put him outside with his peeps. As I shut the door, I noticed ANOTHER ONE crawling across the floor, where he'd apparently fallen off the door when I opened it. I scooped him and put him out, too, then spent the next twenty minutes frantically searching for more slugs. *shiver, shiver, shiver*

I hate slugs. I need to find a natural way to keep the little suckers out of my house, and away from my deck/front door. Ew.

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