Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wow, 5 weeks with nary a post.

I suck. I make things and do things all the time and think afterwards, "I should blog this!" but then I never get around to it. Why do today what you can put off for 5 weeks, right? Eh.

What's been going on...Big Brother had his 14th birthday, which blows me away. Where did all of the time go? I feel like I sleep-walked through the last 14 years. It seems like just yesterday he looked like this:

So you can imagine my shock when I realized, time and again, that he looks like this now:

In other news, I got a picture of all of my munchkins together recently. Yeah, it's redneck - I'd taken the back seat out of the van in order to haul some cardboard and stuff to the recycling center. The kids insisted on sitting in the disembodied van seat (does that word work there? I dunno) for the picture.

And one last picture of Thing Two, just because - he was wearing his daddy's batting helmet, only backwards 'cause he's got it like that.

Work stuff...I've been swamped with a bunch of custom orders and things lately and haven't gotten to do as much regular stocking as I'd like to. Hopefully I'll be caught up soon because there's a cashmerino baby girl set that I'm dying to finish! I did the longies for it, but I've yet to have time to start the sweater (gradient dyed seamless kimono, 20% cashmere). When it's all done, there will be longies, a sweater, a lap tee, a fitted diaper, a hat and maybe booties. And possibly a receiving blanket to wrap it all up in, lol. But not knitted - I don't do afghans. I hate afghans, they put me to sleep.

I've had some random bumps in the road with work over the last couple of weeks. One bump was for a custom BFL yarn order. I took the order with my customer informed that I would need to order the yarn. I had no idea that my usual supplier (and it seems every other supplier under the sun!) was back ordered on it. Gah! I ended up asking the customer to pick something else, and feeling like a moron.

Well, wouldn't you know that I found it through an online acquaintance after all? But when I went to pay her for it, Paypal decided to pick that very moment to have a conniption. I waited a couple of days to pay after that because I wanted to make sure that Paypal wouldn't charge me twice - I can't afford to pay for BFL twice at this point, lol. So, I finally paid for it and am waiting for it to come and feeling like an idiot because my custom yarn orders never take this long to fulfill. Sigh.

The next bump in the road is that the custom Apple Fest set that I sold nearly 3 weeks ago included the customer's choice of long or short sleeves and size for the shirt. Which meant, once again, ordering the shirt after the set was purchased. It took nearly two weeks for the shirt to arrive! The longies have been done for days, just waiting on the shirt to get here so that I could embellish it. Thankfully, embellishing the shirt shouldn't take very long. I can't afford to get behind on these customs!

It seems that things are finally settling down now, though. I just need to work, work, work for the next few weeks and get caught completely up. This is why my general policy is not to take more than 2-3 custom orders at a time. I get so overwhelmed so quickly!